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golf blogsGolf Gourmand – a not so lame golf blog

Here at Golf Gourmand we love all things golf.  Playing it, talking about it, gambling, practice, traveling, the stories and the good times shared…We love it all!

We wanted to create a little space on this vast world where golfers can come and share the lifelong golfing journey with us.  If you’re expecting proper etiquette, grammar & language, you can stop right here.  Not gonna happen!  There’s enough lame golf blogs going around; we’re a not so lame golf blog.

This is a place for the weekend warriors who like to have fun.  We’re not douchey bro guys, but if you want to bitch about shirts not being tucked in and backwards hats, go check out the Golf Channels blog.  I’m sure it’s great too.

Golf was meant to be shared with friends and it was meant to be fun.  Lets play well, respect the game, the courses and our equipment, but we don’t have to take it so seriously.  If it sounds like I’m contradicting myself (maybe I am, who knows) whatever!  This is our blog so we can do what we want.  We may not be the best golfers in the world but we keep up the pace, and most importantly we love the crap outta it. We hate 5 hour rounds just as much as the next guy (or girl…all golfers welcome here).

Anyway, if you’ve read this far, cool…and thanks!  Here’s a little bit of what you can expect.

Blog Categories

The Range

All things golf.  Here’s where we talk about the game.  Lessons, tips, equipment reviews, balls and golf stories.

The Grill Room

The food and drink aspect of the game.  Fun golf stories that didn’t take place on the course (unless they involve drinking).  Just because we golf doesn’t mean we like bud light and hot dogs.  Well we do like hot dogs but please take that water downed nonsense somewhere else.  Yes, we are beer snobs! Sorry, but it’s time to grow up and time for golf courses to step up their beer selections.  Would it kill you to have one local IPA in a can?  (I’m talking to you F&B managers)

Golf Travel

Where we talk about recent trips and review some courses and resorts.  Pretty self explanatory.

Daily Fantasy Golf

Our “experts” will give a run down on the weekly PGA tournaments and we even offer free picks. We also follow up on our selections to see if they were worth a damn.

*Disclosure* Play fantasy golf at your own risk & according to your State’s laws on gambling and age restrictions.  The picks we provide are meant for entertainment purposes only.

Now go have some fun! Hit it straight, enjoy a cocktail, a cigar and some time with friends, but most importantly…have some fun; stop taking it so seriously.  You’re not Jordan Speith.