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Awesome Golf Shoes That Don’t Cost a Fortune

I saw a pair of golf shoes online the other day that were really stylish so I clicked the ad.  Two Hundred & Twenty-Five Dollars!  You must be out your damn mind! $225 for golf shoes.  Don’t get me wrong, they were great looking shoes, but unless they can guarantee I would shoot par while wearing them, I am not dropping over two hundred for golf shoes. No sir!

Currently I wear a pair of Adidas golf shoes that I love.  Pretty sure I got them for around $70.  And after seeing these shoes for $225 it got me thinking.  I went to investigate how much a comfortable, stylish pair of golf shoes would cost.

A lot of these golf shoes are name brands.  We’re not talking about bargain bin discounts here.

Awesome Golf Shoes That Don’t Cost a Fortune

*Please note that we can’t list exact prices.  All links are Amazon affiliate links which will show a ‘new’ and ‘used’ price.

Adidas Tech Response 4.0

These shoes come in a variety of great colors and fall right under the 60 dollar mark.  You may have to play around with the size and color options to get below 60 but it can be done.  With over 600 reviews on Amazon they have 4.5 stars.

New Balance

New balance has been a well known running shoe brand, for as long as I can remember.  I’m not sure when they started to get into the golf shoe game, but if their golf shoes are as comfortable as their running shoes, they’ll do just fine.  Many of their styles are spikeless as well, so you don’t have to worry about changing spikes and misplacing your spike tool.

DAWGS Golf Shoes

DAWGS went a different route with their styling options, and fall more along the lines of Croc’s.  Think of them as the Croc’s of golf shoes.  Hey, it takes all kinds right?  If these are up your alley, they are certainly more than affordable.  They’re a downright bargain.


Perhaps the most well know brand of golf shoes out there.  They have so many different styles, colors and options these days it’s hard to keep track of.  One thing we know though, is that you can still get a quality pair of FootJoy’s under $60.

Nike Explorer Spikeless Golf Shoes

Didn’t think you’d see Nike on this list?  Think again!  The Nike Explorer Spikeless Golf Shoe comes in a lot of different colors and sizes. Don’t worry though; when most people hear “Nike” they think expensive Jordans but that is not the case here.


Another well known brand, in golfing circles at least, is Ashworth.  I didn’t realize they made golf shoes, but they are fairly priced and have over 300 reviews on Amazon with 4.5 stars. Those are some great numbers.

Golf Shoes

It quickly becomes quite clear that you can get a quality brand of golf shoes for under 60 bucks!  A few brands not on the list, are Skecher’s, Puma & Callaway.  You may have to do some digging but it’s certainly possible to find a pair under $60.  Good luck and play well!

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