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Best Golf Rain Gear

Golf is one of the most played sports, enjoyed by people of all ages all over the world, but when you’re out on the course, rain can put a real damper on an outing. Luckily for us there are ways to be prepared for inclement weather. There is a lot of rain gear out there to use on the soggy days, but what’s best for your needs?

The Best Golf Rain Gear

Golf Rain Suit

During prime golfing season, you’re going to want a rain suit that not only repels rain & keeps you dry, but one that also is made of lightweight and breathable fabric. You’ll want something that fits well, but gives you enough room to swing a club.  There are many different brands of rain gear out there that can can vary on price, but there is something for every budget. Name brands like Under Armour & Nike, will cost a bit more than others like John Daly.  Each rain suit comes with a jacket and pants, and all of these rain suits are highly recommended by reviewers.. The prices can range though, so it’s hard to say what’s best for you. Stay within your budget and stay dry on the course.

Golf Rain Pants

If you’ve already got a decent rain jacket and are just in the market for pants, there’s no shortage of options.  Again they can vary widely in price so be sure to find one that fits your budget.  Here’s some of the best ones we found:

adidas Golf Men’s Climaproof Prime Rain Pant

These are going to be one of the more expensive options, but they have great reviews, and they are from a well known brand.  What we love about the adidas rains pants is that they easily fit over your normal clothes without being too baggy.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option from adidas check out the adidas Golf Men’s Climastorm Essential Packable Rain Pants

Frogg Toggs Rain Pants

The best part about the Frogg Toggs rain pants is the price.  If you’re not looking to spend a fortune and you don’t really care about having a brand name, these rain pants will get the job done.  They fit over your normal clothes well and come highly rated from reviewers.

FootJoy Golf Hydrolite Rain Pants

Don’t let the name fool you; FootJoy has expanding from making comfortable shoes and is starting to become synonymous with rain gear.  If you want to stick with a company that has been keeping golfers dry for decades now, FootJoy is a great option.

Golf Rain Shorts

Just because it’s raining, doesn’t mean you have to be restricted to wearing pants.  While rain shorts obviously don’t protect your entire leg, and won’t repel mud like pants do, they can still be useful for rainy days.  If it’s not a monsoon and you’re looking for shorts that won’t soak up water and get real heavy there are some solid options.

Under Armour

The Under Armour rain shorts may have been made with the fisherman in mind, but these shorts are stylish enough to wear on the golf course too.  Since they’re made to be on a boat or close to water, you know they’ll get the job done.

Zero Restriction Packable Rain Shorts

The Zero Restriction Packable Rain Shorts are probably the most stylish rain shorts we’ve seen.  And like the name says, they do a great job of still keeping you loose and carefree.  The last thing you want to be thinking about when you’re playing golf is being uncomfortable.

Golf Rain Jackets

If you’re just looking to protect your upper body on days when there’s a little drizzle, a rain jacket is all you need.  Rain suits, and even pants are more geared towards some hard core conditions, but don’t let a little misty drizzle stop you from playing.  One of the best things about the different golf rain jackets is that you can get quality, well-known brands for good prices.

DryJoy Hydrolite Rain Jacket

DryJoy by FootJoy is quickly becoming synonymous with staying dry on the course.  They are ever expanding their line of offerings and now you can get one of the highest quality rain jackets.  FootJoy isn’t just for shoes & gloves anymore.

Puma Mens Rain Jacket

Another well known brand for golf gear offers a rain jacket at a great price.  And like a lot of their gear, there’s never a shortage of interesting and vibrant colors.

adidas Provisional Short Sleeve Rain Jacket

Unlike the Puma and DryJoy jacket, we love this rain jacket because it’s short sleeves and it’s also a pullover.  Staying dry doesn’t have to mean being uncomfortable and restricted.  These are perfect for putting in your bag and having when an unexpected shower comes rolling in.

Golf Rain Gloves

If you want to keep swinging your club without the threat of losing it, then you’ll need to protect your grip with some rain gloves. Like the rain suit, you will need to find ones that are flexible and made of breathable material, but more importantly you’ll want rain gloves that are a quick drying material. There are some gloves out there that will not only be useful during the rainy season but also on those cold days where you want to keep your hands warm.  A lot of the rain gloves come in pairs, so they’re perfect for wet and cold days.  They’ll keep your hands warm & dry while also helping with grip.

Rain Golf Bag Cover

Not only will you need to stay dry, but your clubs & bag will need to be dry as well. There are ways to protect your clubs and one way to do that is by using a rain hood golf bag cover. These will keep your clubs and the inside of your bag dry. Bag covers are typically made of nylon and can be seen on the PGA and LPGA tour when it is raining. This piece of equipment is fastened to your bag by some Velcro strips or a clip and strap system that will hold the hood snuggly on the bag.

The easiest rain bag cover is  one that leaves an opening for easy access. You can purchase these for relatively cheap, especially when compared to other golf accessories.

Golf Umbrellas

To help keep yourself dry, you can also get a 58-68 inch golf umbrella that clicks onto your bag. If not you can opt to get a “normal” umbrella that needs to be held. Golf umbrellas have a double canopy making them water and windproof. You can easily click it open and instantly be covered from the rain. These umbrellas come in plenty of colors and brands for you to choose from and range in a price.

Golf Rain Hats

If you are not into wearing a rain suit or using an umbrella, there is also a rain hat. Most of these are made of microfiber polyester fabric, have taped seams, and a drawstring for easy adjustment. The wide brim keeps your head and back dry as it tends to run the rain off further than down your back. Some hats are adjustable to fit any person’s head, but others come in sizes. You can even wear them on hot days to keep the sun from beating down on you.

From golf rain suits, pants, shorts, jackets, gloves, umbrellas, and hats, you can stay dry through all the rainy rounds you may face in the future. With either a rain hood or a golf bag cover, you can protect your bag and clubs from the inclement weather too. The next time you are faced with a rainy golf day, make sure you are prepared.


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