best golf rangefinders

Best Golf Rangefinders

There are two questions that every golfer asks numerous times each round; “Where is the beverage cart?” and “How far out am I?” Distance to the hole will determine club selection and selecting the right club might mean putting for birdie; select the wrong club and you might be spending the next ten minutes trying to find your ball.

Our club swinging elders had to rely on their best guess, hoping that their 145 yard estimation was a good guess and not 160. Fortunately for us, we’re living in a technology driven culture and there’s no shortage of technology when it comes to the game of golf. There’s a wide range (pun intended) of products available so we know exactly how far out we are.

Golf Rangefinders

There are three styles of rangefinders for distance to the pin measurements; scope, laser and GPS. Scope rangefinders rely on perspective to judge distance and are based on scopes that have been used on rifles for more than a century now. Laser rangefinders simply use a laser beam to measure the distance to an object, the object in this case being the flag. GPS rangefinders use global positioning satellites to determine the distance between the GPS enabled device and the pin which is a pre-programmed point of data. There are also hybrid GPS and laser rangefinders that use elements of both.

Three different styles of rangefinders, but which one is the best? I’m sure that you’d find arguments for all three but just like anything in the game of golf, you have to make up your own and mind and commit to the shot.

The Best Golf Rangefinders on the Market

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder 

4.5 Stars – $$

The VPRO 500 is a laser rangefinder that can measure up to 540 yards with pin point accuracy. It has premium clear optics with easy to read measurements. The greatest pros with this awesome piece of technology is that it is easy to use, it is very quick in displaying the yardage and it is considerably cheaper than other laser rangefinders.


WoSports Golf Rangefinder with Slope, Laser Range Finder

4.5 Stars – $

Durable, easy to use, accurate, compact are all words that Amazon reviewers have used to describe the WoSports rangefinder. It uses laser technology to determine yards to the pin as well as slope degree and angle. This rangefinder is considerably cheaper than other models, but the reviews seem to show that the buyers are pleased.

Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder 

4.5 Stars – $$$

The Nikon Coolshot 20 is a laser rangefinder that is in the top half of the price point for rangefinders, but, according to reviews on Amazon, you get what you pay for. The Coolshot measures for eight continuous seconds to allow the user to get multiple measurements to multiple targets. It is compact, has great optics, is accurate and easy to use.

Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Limited Edition Rangefinder 

4.5 Stars – $$$$

The Bushnell Jolt is the Rolls Royce of laser rangefinders. This is the one the professionals use on a daily basis. It is accurate, easy to use, perfect on distance. One reviewer said, “Bushnell is always the best, I am very picky and this is the only one I would use.” It is the best, but it’s also the one with the highest price tag. If you’re a serious golfer and need to know within the yard, then this may be your best option.

GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS Rangefinder 

4.5 Stars – $

The Golf Buddy GPS Rangefinder is the first one on this list that is not an optic laser rangefinder but a GPS Rangefinder. It measures to the front, center and back of the green and audibly tells you the measurement instead of having to read it. This is a perfect gadget for the amateur golfer.

BARSKA Blueline 8×22 Waterproof Golf Scope 

3.5 Stars – $

The Blueline scope is a very inexpensive substitute for the laser or GPS rangefinders. This is a simple scope rangefinder that is perfect for beginners or someone on a budget. It has no battery so it doesn’t need to be charged, it is small and easy to use. It does, however, have a small range of measurement and a larger margin of user error. If you’re new to the world of ranged-finders this is a great entry-level product.

Finding the right rangefinder for you can have a great impact on your golf game. There are many rangefinders in many different price points for all skill levels of golfers. What matters most is getting out there, swinging the sticks and having  good time.

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