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Daily Fantasy (DFS) Golf Review: BMW Championship

If you’re a true golf gourmand you don’t just watch and play golf, you’re a gambler too.  Traditionally golf gambling happened on the course, and because of handicaps, golfers of all skill levels could compete against each other.  Now you don’t have to have any ability to golf at all.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) allows us to place bets on the best golfers in the world.   All of us over here at Golf Gourmand put in time each week to make our picks for the upcoming PGA tournament. So even if you don’t play golf but you want to try your luck in a contest, be sure to sign up for our expert picks sent to you weekly.

If you have played fantasy golf (or any DFS of any kind) you may have heard about doubling your money.  Enter a five dollar tournament and you should be pretty happy if you cash out ten.  10 to 20, 20 to 40 and so on.  It may not seem like a tremendous amount of money, but what if $100, 250, 500 or even more doubled?  I’d be pretty happy with that.

Another reason it’s nice to double up is opportunity.  If you double up one week you can join twice as many tournaments the next.  The more tournaments you enter the better chance you have of winning.  As you enter contests you’ll start to learn the golfers, what courses they like, who’s hot and who’s a great sleeper.  Just like playing golf, there are definitely benefits to consistent fantasy play as well. You can cash here and there, get a few double ups then all of a sudden, bam! Instead of doubling up you’re placing in the top 10, 5 or perhaps even winning.

Fantasy Golf: BMW Championship

For most of this past PGA season we were consistently doubling up and that held true for the BMW championship where we doubled up 3 times.  We had a lot of success at the BMW because all of the lineups had the winner, Marc Leishman.  If you were signed up to our newsletter you could have had the winner as well.  Seriously, what are you waiting for.

fantasy golf

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I wanted to share this lineup for a few reasons, that’ll help explain a few things about fantasy golf.  In our blog post that explains our fantasy golf strategy we talk about the importance of having the winner.  As you can see in this lineup this notion held true.  The lineup above isn’t that great, but having the winner really propelled up into cashing.

Streaky Sleepers

Another reason I wanted to show it was because of the strategy of picking a sleep and a golfer that is hot.  Although his score wasn’t too phenomenal, Xander Schauffele was our cheapest pick this week.  He was a great value for the money, and obviously he was hot because he won the Tour Championship a week later.

Making the Cut

With this particular lineup I doubled my money and finished 100 points off the lead.  Not bad considering there were 3 scores that didn’t break 90.  Until the last few holes Dustin Johnson was my lowest scorer, but I managed to hang in there and make some money because everyone made the cut.  Your roster can’t score points if they aren’t playing.


I mentioned that I was 100 points off the lead and that’s important to note.  With just a few changes I really could’ve made some damage.  I know, I know, if it’s and buts were candy & nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas.  But like I said earlier,  I doubled up and now I can enter more contests next week with the knowledge I’m picking up throughout the season.

If you’re going to play daily fantasy sports and in particular fantasy golf, you have got to have some strategy.  Randomly picking golfers and hoping they’ll do well is a sure fire recipe to drain your bank account quickly.  It can be difficult and time consuming to break down the field and make the right choices, and I’d be lying if I said there was no luck involved, but that’s gambling.  Calculated risks and a little bit of luck.  Luckily for you we already do the research so be sure to sign up for our fantasy golf picks sent out weekly throughout the golf season.

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