Daily Fantasy Golf Picks

There’s no doubt about it, much like playing golf, fantasy golf is tough!  Way back in the day before the rise of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) I used to play in a couple of fantasy golf leagues that were set-up like football.  It was a lot of fun, but we haven’t played in those in awhile.  Now all the fun (and money to be made) is in DFS.

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If you don’t know how DFS golf works here is a quick summary.  You get a set payroll, and you have to pick 5 golfers while staying  under that payroll.  Different golfers are valued at different prices.   Generally the better the golfer the higher the cost.  That’s really it.  Pick your players while staying under the payroll and enter a content.

When we are picking players there a few things that we like to consider when we’re making our analysis for the week.   Please note* it’s also important to consider the scoring format.   Most times you’ll be awarded for pars, birdies & eagles, but also for consecutive pars & birdies and of course where they finish.  It always helps to have players finishing high, and to win you almost always have to have the winner on your roster.

How to Make Daily Fantasy Golf Picks

Golfer Skill Set

When we’re making picks we like to look at not only the golfers skill set, but how their game matches up for the course they’re paying that week.  Average scoring per round, driving distance, par saves, GIR, etc and how all that plays to the course for the week.

Past History

Some people disagree with this method, but there’s no denying that certain players like certain courses.  The layout just plays well to their game.  When analyzing your picks for the week be sure to consider past performance.   If anything, at least us e it as a tie-breaker when you’re having trouble deciding between 2 players.

Recent History

How is a golfer playing, not only this year, but recently?  Where did they finish last week?  When PGA tour payers get hot they can go on a roll.  When they go on a roll you wan them on your roster.  I did pretty well last week with Chris Stroud and one of the only reasons he was on my roster was because of his win in Reno.


This is sort of a combination of your entire evaluation but you’ve got to find value.  At the very least you’ve got to find players that are going to make the cut.  You can’t score points if your roster isn’t playing.  Anybody can go and pick the best players in the world.  It’s hard to find the sleepers and the players of value.  And ya know what?  This is where the difference is.  For the most part everyone’s going to have the top ranked players in the world.  Spieth, Fowler, Thomas, McElroy, etc will be on everyone’s roster.  Taking the time to find the value/sleeper picks can really pay off.

What Should You Do?

Take a little bit of time to do the right analysis.  if you don’t have the time to spend evaluating 120 PGA tour players and how their games stacks up against a course we’ve made it easy for you….sign up for our FREE weekly DFS golf picks.

Good luck!

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