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Fantasy Golf Picks: Review the CIMB Classic

free fantasy golf picksIf you follow the Golf Gourmand with any sort of regularity you know what our philosophy is on fantasy golf.  We basically follow this little formula and try to double our money every week.  Last week we doubled our money in two contests we entered so we were feeling good.  In fact, in last weeks summary we said that we had a feeling we were going to start making some big strides…and guess what?  Last week we had a 4th overall (out of 4,000) and took home $150!!!

We took $150 on a 3 dollar tournament.  What is that, like a 5000% ROI? Not a bad weekend at all.  It was strange because the CIMB Classic was in Malaysia so the time difference was crazy.  Basically the tournament started at 8 pm and ended about 2-3 am for me.  After the first 2 days when it was obvious we were going to place well we stayed up late over the weekend and was constantly checking my lineup.

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free fantasy golf picksAt one point during the tournament it looked like I might’ve even taken first place.  Going into the final round I needed Kang to win the tournament and he was in the last group.  Just about everyone in front of me that had a chance of winning had Pat Perez in their lineup.  So it was either Perez was going to win and I’d get a top 5, or a real nice Sunday from Kang would get me the win.  Overall I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.  This one tournament pretty much bankrolled me for 2018, and morale is high.  We’re ready to keep our winning streak going.

Like we say…be consistent and try to double your money;  More money = more entries, & as you start to learn the players you’ll hit a high number.

I must say, we are absolutely loving these no cut events.  Obviously it’s the same for everyone who enters a fantasy golf lineup but it helps take some pressure off.  You can analyze players games and just go with it.  You don’t have to worry about one or 2 guys missing the cut and ruining your lineup.

What lead to the success we had this weekend was Kang obviously, because no one else really had him in their lineup.  He was a relatively unknown sleeper for only $6,900 and it paid off big-time.  Bradley also scored a ton of points, and finished second for only $7,000.  Cink was also a great find, and scored a lot of points for finishing the tournament in 13th place.  We purposefully stayed away from Justin Thomas because we thought he was too expensive.  We didn’t want him hogging the payroll and compromising the rest of the lineup and it worked out nicely.  Leaving him off allowed us to get better players around the $7,000 mark instead of third tier.  (Don’t ya just love it when a plan comes together) Besides Matsuyama this was a very middle tier lineup.  golf fantasy

We’re very much looking forward to handicapping the next event in South Korea.  It’s a smaller field with no cut again, so we’re hoping to keep the momentum going.  If you’d like to play along be sure to sign up for a our weekly picks.











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