Fantasy Golf Picks: WGC HSBC Review

Well it was bound to happen eventually.  After a few very solid weeks of placing in the money, and going far beyond our goal of doubling up, we failed to make the money in the WGC HSBC PGA tournament.  It’s not all bad news though and let’s see why:

fantasy golf picksAs you can see from my screenshot I did have Justin Rose in my lineup.  Sure it took an epic comeback and a collapse of historic proportions for him to win, but we had the winner nevertheless.

Just so you know, I also missed making the money by a point and a half.  People who scored 438.50 took home a few dollars.  It was less than the entry fee for this particular tournament, but getting anything would’ve been nice.

It seems like it’s pretty rare to have the tournament winner and not make the money, so lets see where we went wrong.

Now that I’m analyzing this lineup, I’m a little shocked I didn’t do better.  In addition to having Rose, Finau was a nice pick for $7,700, and Reavie wasn’t bad for $7,500.  Where it went wrong was with my 2nd highest salary severely under performing.

Typically when you are setting lineups you can choose the highest salary (in this case Dustin Johnson), but because there is such a big difference between #1 and the next 3-4 players you don’t get another high salary.  So in this lineup I opted for the cheaper Rose, but my next highest salary was Fisher at $8,400 and he didn’t score well at all.  Pieters scored just about the same but was nearly $1,ooo cheaper.

Typically to place well in fantasy golf, and to make some money 3 things have to happen.  It really pays off to have the winner;  you have got to have some middle of the road guys score, and every solid lineup needs at least 1 sleeper (someone in the lower $6,800-$7,000 tier).  If you can have more than one, that’s great, but you need at least one to do well.

For this particular lineup I didn’t have great sleepers, but they weren’t that bad either.  Obviously I had the winner so it’s safe to assume that my middle of the road guys did me in this week.

It’s also important not to hold grudges moving forward.  In the past I’d have a guy screw up my lineup and I’d be hesitant to use him in the future and he’d light it up.  Don’t hold grudges.  If Fisher is a smart play in a tournament soon I’ll use him.  Just like in professional sports, you’ve got to take your loses and move on.  We’ll regroup for next weeks tournament in Vegas.

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