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Gifts for Golfers…The Ultimate Guide By Budget

Just about everyone has a golfer in their life that they have trouble shopping for.  As a golfer let me tell you something we all wish ‘regular’ people knew.  Here it is….when we get golf gifts we want stuff that we can actually use.  Sure, that golf themed BBQ apron is cute and all, but what does that really have to do with golf?  When you’re looking for gifts for golfers follow this list and get something they’ll actually want.

Gifts for Golfers by Budget

Even though we narrowed it down to gifts we actually want, the list is extensive with a wide range of prices.  On the ultimate guide of gifts for golfers we’re going to break it down into price ranges for people with different budgets.  So whether you want to spend twenty bucks or a few grand they’ll be something on this list for the golfer in your life.

Gifts for Golfers Under $20


Golf Balls

Every single golfer in the world will at some point need balls.  Golf balls can range in price, and some golfers are very picky about the ball they use, but for the average golfer, balls make a great gift. Even if the golfer is extremely picky and they get balls they don’t typically use, they can use them when they practice.

Golf Accessories

Accessories is a pretty broad term, but much like balls they are going to be things that at some point every golfer will need.  Tees, towels, golf gloves, divot tools, club cleaners and alignment sticks.  All very useful gifts that fall under twenty bucks.  We have a post that dives deep into golf accessories so be sure to check it out to find a great gift.


We can’t always be playing golf.  Sometimes we have to take breaks and actually go to work.  That doesn’t mean that we have to entirely step away from the game though.  Golf books will generally fall into 2 categories; entertainment and instruction.  Some books we read because we love the game and others because we want to get better.  Either way, books are a great gift.

Some of my personal favorites in the entertainment genre are, “Who’s Your Caddy” & “Drive for Show, Putt for Dough: Confessions of a golf hustler”, and in the instruction genre I like mentality books like, “Golf is Not a Game of Perfect” by Dr. Bob Rotella. 

Gifts for Golfers $20-50

Golf Apparel

Some of our favorite gifts for golfers in the $20-50 dollar range are apparel.  In fact, you may be able to find some baseball style golf hats for under $20, but there are lots of different types of golf hats.  Some of the other styles of hats like the Sun Shade ones can be a little bit more expensive.

Some other apparel ideas can be shirts, or shorts, but one of our favorites is outerwear.  A golf pullover is a great gift for the hard core golfers who like to get out there all year round.   A solid pullover can provide the warmth and flexibility a golfer needs even in cold weather.

Golf Shoes

Like a lot of things related to golf there is a wide variety and a wide price range.  It’s no different for shoes.  You can find some golf shoes that cost several hundred dollars, but you can also find some that are under $50.  I have a pair that cost around 50 bucks and let me tell you, they are comfortable.  I’m sure the hundred and fifty dollar ones are too, but you can get quality for a decent price.


Although sunglasses don’t necessarily have to be related to golf, there are some companies that make them with golf as the focus.  They can have special lenses to help see better, and they are built with athletic motions in mind.  A good pair of golf sunglasses is a great gift, because they can be used all day everyday, so it’s really two gifts in one.

Gifts for Golfers $50-100

Golf Bags

A golf bag may not be something we need every year, but upgrading every few years is probably a good idea.  Although there may not seem like a lot of technology involved in golf bags they definitely get more innovative over the years.  One great thing is that golf bags keep getting lighter and lighter.


Something I keep in my garage that I love (and so does my wife) is the golf club organizer.  Before I got a golf organizer my clubs were always left in random spots around our house.  And they always seemed to be in the way.  Now, I get home from a round, I take them out of my car, and I know exactly where they are going to go.  The organizer is also great because it gets me out of the house quicker when I’m running late for a round.  Now I know where everything is, so I can run out the door faster.

Golf Training Aids

There are tons of training aids out there, and truthfully a lot of them are a little gimmicky, but others can actually help improve your golf game.  This category is a little tricky, because of the wide range of training aids.  They can cost anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred.  One that I personally like is the Eyeline Speed Trap.  It’s a solid gift because it works for golfers of all skill levels.  If it’s a beginner trying to make solid contact, or a seasoned golfer looking to learn how to fade the ball. the speed trap can help.  It’s personally helped improve my game, and I continue to use it to this day.


Does the golfer in tour life like to smoke cigars? Golf & cigars go together like peanut butter & jelly, so if you need a gift for the cigar smoking golfer there are plenty of options.  The last thing a golfer needs is to be stuck on the course without a lighter or cutter.  A solid kit will make sure that’ll never happen.

Portable Golf Speakers

Music on the golf course has become somewhat of a controversial topic lately.  While I’d consider myself more of the traditional golfer, I don’t have a problem with music on the course as long as you’re not too rude about it.  Make it so you can hear it and that’s it.  I don’t need to be hearing your music blasting 3 holes away.


Anyway, if your golfer likes to have fun, and doesn’t take it too serious they’d probably love a nice portable speaker.  A golf speaker like the Puma is great because it has a clip to easily attach it to your bag.  This makes a great gift, because much like sunglasses it can be used just about everywhere else.

Gifts for Golfers Over $100

Gifts over $100 start to get real exciting because you can start getting into some of the more high tech options.  Sure, you can find shoes, bags, sunglasses, etc over $100 but tech gifts are the most fun.  Those other things can be expensive, but they can also be cheap.  It’s pretty rare that you can find quality tech gifts at a discounted price.  If it seems too good to be true it probably is.  Remember you get what you pay for.

Zepp Swing Analyzer

Zepp is a very cool gift that can help golfers of a skill ranges.  Basically you just sync it with your smart phone then attach a little clip to your golf glove.  Then you just go practice.  Zepp will record certain things about your swing and send feedback to your phone.   Earlier this year I was struggling with a nasty slice and Zepp helped me get my sanity back.

Golf GPS

Another great gift in the tech arena is golf GPS units.  They can vary in style but they all basically do the same thing…tell you how far it is to the hole.  It sounds simple (and maybe even meaning less to a non-golfer) but a quality GPS system can really help.  Some GPS units will be handheld but GPS watches made for golf have been gaining in popularity lately.  Either way, I’m sure the golfer in your life will love this as a gift.

Travel Bag

Although travel bags aren’t really high-tech they are important for golfers who like to take their clubs wherever they go.  They can make getting through the airport a breeze, and a quality bag can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your clubs.  A travel bag isn’t really something you want to cheap out on.  Golf clubs are to fragile to trust to a cheap bag.

Clubs – Drivers, Wedges & Putters

While sets of clubs can run into the several hundred dollar to thousands of dollars range, you can get individual clubs as a gift.  Typically when a club is bought individually it’s either a driver, putter or a wedge.  Drivers can be a bit more expensive but a great wedge can be found in the hundred dollar range.

Over $200

Shot Tracking

One of the coolest things to hit the market recently is the Arccos Tracking System.  Basically you just stick this little button into the top of your club and sync it with their app and the system will track how far you hit your shots.  If you have trouble hitting a golf ball with any consistency this may not be needed (and money may be better spent on golf lessons) but if you’re a serious golfer trying to get better this is a must have.

In order to hit more accurate shots you must know how far you hit each club.  The reason rounds take so long on the PGA Tour (one of the reasons) is because they are so accurate.  They need to know if shots are 103 yards or 106.  Now that may not be needed for the average golfer but it would be nice to know if I hit my 7i 153 or 161.  That’s enough of a difference to affect my club choice.

If the golfer in your life is a pretty good player, takes it serious, and wants to improve they’ll appreciate the Arccos Tracking System.

Golf Club Sets

Again, with a lot of things golfers need there can be a huge discrepancy in price and golf club sets are no different.  I’m not talking about drivers, putters and wedges here. I’m talking about complete sets.  While many golfers are pretty particular about their clubs and a set of clubs would be a great gift for a beginner or someone looking to get started on their golfing journey.

Practice Nets

All practice nets are not created equal.  Sure you could score a basic net for under a hundred bucks, but you could also spend a little more and get an awesome net that has targets and a ball return.  It also comes with a mat so it can be set-up virtually anywhere.  This is great for a golfer who lives in a cold weather climate but still wants to hit balls over the winter (and who doesn’t?).  Set this up in your basement or garage and you’ll be the envy of your foursome.

The Ultimate Golf Gifts

Golf Simulators

If you’ve got some money to spend, have the room in your house and want to get the golfer in your life the ultimate gift than you need to get a golf simulator.  A quality golf simulator can run well into the few thousand dollar range, so you’d certainly be a candidate for spouse of the year if you were to get this as a gift.

It’s my dream to 1. live in a house where I have the room for this.  And I’m not talking a garage, I’m talking the ultimate man cave. 2.  Being able to afford it.  This is not a purchase you want to cut corners on so if it’s a stretch for your budget you may want to consider something else.  But being able to play a round of golf whenever I want, no matter the weather, without having to leave my house….a man can dream.  And not only would I be playing, a lot of these simulators have courses that you could probably never get access to. 

Golf Trips

Another ultimate golf gift is a trip.  It could be a weekend away with buddies or a trip as couple (bonus for the gift giver!) but a trip is a great option.  The great thing about trips as well, is that the possibilities are endless.  They can be romantic getaways, exciting trips to Vegas, quiet getaways to the Caribbean, or a trip to Scotland to see play where it all started. You know the golfer in your life better than anyone, so it’s hard to say what type of trip they’d enjoy, but they will enjoy it!

Golf Gifts

There are a ton of golf gifts you can get for the golfer in your life.  Doesn’t matter if they’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there is sure to be something for them and we hope we’ve made it a little easier by breaking it down by budget.  Please just remember to get a useful gift.  The toilet putting green gag gift is funny for about 10 seconds then we wish we had something useful.  Get the golfer in your life something they’ll actually use (no matter what your budget is) and they’ll be glad you did.

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