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Golf Digest – How to Play Consistent Golf…Review

Scrolling through Facebook on my phone the other day, I came cross an ad for Golf Digest called ‘How to Play Consistent Golf’.  Who doesn’t want to play consistent golf, right?  I know I do, so I clicked on the link and was taken to a 5 part video series.

I have to admit I initially thought the videos were going to be free, but it turns out they were $9.99.  Was it worth it?  I closed the ad because I didn’t want to pay 10 bucks at the moment, but again later that day I saw the same ad.  I decided to pull the trigger this time.

You may be saying to yourself, why would you buy the app when there’s millions of free videos online.  Well I’ll tell you why, and there’s actually a few reasons.

I Need to Clear the Last Hurdle

I took some golf lessons earlier in the year and my play has been improving but my scores haven’t.  I feel like I’m striking my irons better, my putting is greatly improved, but my scores still hover around 100.  Before the lesson I broke 100 a few times, with my lowest score being a 94.  Since the lessons I haven’t beat that score but I have been a tiny more consistent.  96, 94, 97.  I feel like if I can clear the last hurdle I can break 90, and I figured maybe these videos can help.


I know there’s a ton of free videos online, and I really enjoy videos from Me & My Golf but these videos were specifically made for consistency…which in my opinion is my biggest fault right now.

It was very simple and organized; here’s the 5 videos, here’s what you need to do, here’s how to practice it.  I could search the internet for hours finding relatively the same videos, but I don’t want to spend hours doing that.  Time is money, right? Speaking of money…


Golf is expensive. We all know that.  Between equipment, balls, green fees, gambling, food & drink, etc. it can be an expensive hobby.  So why would I pay money for lessons or videos?  Two reasons!

1.  I really enjoy playing golf but I want to be better.  I’m sick of blow up holes and being jealous of swings. I know a good golf game is in there, I just need to practice a little and get more consistent. If we’re going to spend all this money might as well have fun and be good at it right?  What’s another 10 bucks?

2.  The last I played golf it was free because my brother owed me a round from a bet we made, so I figured I just saved $40.  Let me put it to good use.

Golf Digest – How to Play Consistent Golf

What did the video series entail? 

Like I said earlier it was 5 videos, and they were good!  There’s nothing worse than watching a tutorial video and the wind is blowing so hard you hardly hear the person.  These were professionally made.  At the end of each video the instructor gave a drill to do at the range, and a grading system to help you practice it and get better.

The first video was making solid contact and it came with a simple drill using tees to get better contact.  The next video was shot direction, then driving in play, reliable pitching & finally, avoiding three putts.  Of all the drills I’m looking forward to implementing the driving and pitching ones.  I think these are 2 areas of my game that can really improve and when they do I can hopefully get rid of some of the blow-up holes.

It’s hard to say if the videos were worth the $10 because I haven’t tried any of the drills yet.  If they help improve my game even just a stroke or 2 I’d think it was worth it, so I’m excited to get out there and give it a try.

I can already say though, that the instructor was clear, the  videos were high quality, and I learned a few things just by watching them.  Now it’s time to implement.

Be sure to check back because over the weekend I’m going to the practice area to do all of the drills.  Next week it’s back on the course to see if they helped.

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