are golf lessons worth it

Are Golf Lessons Worth It?

I started playing golf in my mid-twenties when I got a job at a course tending bar.  The first few years of playing was really just an excuse to have some drinks (i.e get drunk) in the afternoon on my days off.  After a while I started taking it a little more serious, to the point where I’d actually keep score and I began to practice.

When I first started keeping score I was probably shooting in the 120’s.  I know that’s really high, but this was a tough course to learn on.  There was a PGA tour event here, so we’re not talking about some short muni course.   Anyway, after a little while I started to flirt with breaking 100.  I had some back problems a few years later and never played much in that time, but a few years ago I started getting back into it (no pun intended).  Now I flirt with breaking 100 pretty consistently, usually scoring about a 97 or 98.  My lowest score is a 92.

After playing for all these years I wish I’d started playing sooner.  Especially since I was golfing the other day and the group in front of me was 2 kids, probably about 9-11 years old.  They were playing from the same tee boxes I was, and while I out-drove them distance wise, they were knocking the ball dead straight every time.  It was a slow moving day on the golf course so I saw a lot of their shots and there’s no doubt in my mind these 2 kids scored better than I did.  I shot a 98.

That’s when I decided it was time to take some lessons.  I love golfing and I want it to be a lifelong journey for me, but I also want to get better.  I don’t take it too seriously, to the point where I’m throwing clubs, but I get frustrated, I’m a competitive person and I want to beat my friends.

I think I’m at the point where I can’t teach myself anything anymore.  I managed to get my scores from the 120’s to breaking 100 by practicing, getting tips from friends, reading magazines, watching videos, etc, but it’s time to take it a little more serious.

What I’m Looking for When I Take Golf Lessons

I can drive the ball pretty well and 9 times out of 10 I can find it too.  I typically drive the ball about 275 yards, so I don’t really need too many pointers about the driver.

I’m also decent around the greens chipping and pitching, and somewhat decent from 100 yards in.

What’s awful is my putting (although 3 putts are a lot less common, I typically look at a putt and have no idea what it’s going to do).  My irons could also use a major overhaul.  I have trouble striking the ball well and when I do get it up in the air I have a nasty hook that causes it to miss greens (maybe that’s why my chipping gets so much practice).

If I could magically change one thing about my golf game it would be my irons.  I want to hit the ball and feel confident it can get on the green.  I want to hit it and hear it move throughout the air; have nice flight and softly land on the green.

I know golf lessons aren’t “magic” but I’m willing to put in the time to practice and play.

This is my golf and golf lesson journey.  I’ll be updating my progress, outlining my golf practice sessions, discussing the lessons and sharing cool stories.  I hope you’ll join me, share your stories and maybe we could all learn something together.


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