the time I met john daly

The Time I Meet John Daly

A while back (almost 20 years ago.  Damn I’m old; where does the time go) I worked at a golf course that hosted a PGA tour event.  The event I worked was the same weekend as a WGC event so we didn’t get the top players, but we definitely had some names.  Mostly it was guys who were on the rise, or guys who were later in their careers.  Either way, they were great golfers and it was a lot of fun.

Normally I was a bartender at this country club, but during the week of the PGA tour we mostly worked in the locker room/grill room.  Serving players, cleaning shoes and basically just being little errand boys.  Whatever the players needed, we did it!  I hope that doesn’t sound too bitter because it was actually a lot of fun, and it was by far the most lucrative week of the year.

I want to make 2 clarifications before I proceed with the story that’ll make sense if you keep reading.

  1.  I don’t remember the exact time of the day.  It was early as in the sun was out, but it wasn’t super early.
  2.  Do you know anyone who loves Diet Coke? Like they won’t drink any other diet soda? C’mon we all know at least one person like that. For some reason it has a cult following.  People who drink Diet Coke, really like Diet Coke.

Any way, one day I was behind the bar and up comes John Daly.  I say the usual, “Hey Mr. Daly how are you, what can I get you?” or something along those lines.

Daly:  Hey bud, how’s it going?  I’ll take a Diet Coke”

Me:  I’m sorry, we have Diet Pepsi, will that be ok”

Daly:  (pauses, thinks about it, and says…) Nah, fuck it! Gimme a Crown on the rocks.

Me:  Ok! (smiles, pours a double)

It was a very cool John Daly moment.  You couldn’t script a better response.  What would the average Joe who’s addicted to Diet Coke do? Maybe go for a lemonade, a water?  Not John Daly.

Fuck it, gimme a Crown on the rocks!

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