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The Ultimate Guide to Golf Accessories

Golfers are a special breed. Not only do we spend a crazy amount of money on clubs, equipment & green fees, we also want the best accessories.  Some golf accessories are time-tested classics and others use the latest technology.  Either way we want it all!

Whether you’re looking for something to improve your game, to make you the envy of your foursome, or a gift for the golfer in your life here it is….

The Ultimate Guide to Golf Accessories

On-Course Golf Accessories

On-course accessories are the necessities for any golfer.  The simple things that we can’t get a round without using.  Just like golf tees, consider them must haves for any skill level.

Divot Tools

Ah the divot tool!  One accessory every golfer loves to pull out.  Whenever I need to use mine I make everyone I’m playing with sees me fix that huge divot on the green.  What a sense of pride! In all seriousness though, more golfers need divot tools.  Why not take care of the course you love to play at?

Divot tools come in a huge variety of styles and sizes too, so they make a great gift.  Get personalized tools, ones with professional and college sports logos, and just about every other design.  They even make some that double as bottle openers.  So if you enjoy a nice IPA during a round, they’re perfect.

Ball Markers

Just like divot tools, ball markers come in a variety of styles.  There’s everything from the poker chip to the hat clip.  Whether you’re a Yankees fan or a Red Sox fan, there’s a ball marker to fit your style.

There’s technically 2 types of ball markers so I wanted to be thorough and include both.  The ones above are for marking your ball when it’s on the green.  There are other tools that actually mark the ball.  Some just make the golf ball look cool and others help you find the center of the ball.  Crucial for making putts.

Golf Towels

Having a quality absorbent towel is a must have for any serious golfer, especially one who tends to play in the mornings.  Early tee times leave your clubs and ball vulnerable to morning dew and sprinklers systems, so a great towel is a must.  Much like divot tools & ball markers they also come in a variety of styles.  They have everything from sports teams to Star Wars themed golf towels.  I highly recommend getting one that is microfiber.  They are super absorbent and dry quickly.  It also helps if they come equipped with a clip and/or grommet.

Golf Club Cleaner

I take care of my golf clubs better than I do my first born.  Seriously, I even buckle up the seat belt when I put them in my car. I’m kidding, but I do clean them quite often, including on the golf course.  There’s nothing worse than looking down when you’re in position and seeing a dirty club.  Every golfer should have a stiff bristle brush with a groove cleaner.  Keep it attached to your bag, right next to your towel. They go hand-in-hand.

Golf Ball Retrievers

Ah, the 15th club.  You may have seen these sticking out of people’s bags and wondered what they were.  Let’s face it; golf balls are expensive.  So if you hit one that’s just out of reach in a  little creek or something, why not get it back?  They might not be any help for a ball hit into the middle of a lake, but they can certainly help save some balls, and in-turn save some money.  You may even be able to recoup the cost in just a few rounds.

Golf Umbrella’s

You may be thinking, wait, I already own an umbrella.  Nope! Not like this.  Golf umbrella’s are huge.   They can range from about 48-62 inches around.  The reason they’re so big is because golfers need them to cover them and their clubs.  The size is especially helpful for golfers who are walking.  They even have attachments that clip to your bag so your clubs stay dry without you having to hold the umbrella while you walk.

Club Head Covers

You spend so much on your clubs and treat them like your baby, so why not start giving them that little extra added protection? Club head covers aren’t just for drivers, woods & putters anymore.  If you want your clubs to stay in pristine shape, get a nice cover for all them.  Even your hybrids and irons. Much like other golf accessories club head covers come in all sorts of different designs.  Everything from Star Wars characters to professional sports teams.

Golf Gloves

Let’s face it, golf gloves are an important part of the game, but for years they were bland and boring.  I’m not sure who decided that gloves needed to be plain white and boring, but I’m glad that is starting to change.  You can still find basic white golf gloves, but if you’re a little more daring, there are some real cool companies starting to make some noise.

Golfers no longer have to settle on plain white & boring!  If you’re a little more daring and you want to make a stylish statement you can now find gloves with a variety of designs and colors.  Step out of the box and start drawing attention.

Golf Bags & Pushcarts

One of the reasons I put these two categories together is because  golf bags have changed significantly over the past 10-15 years.  Back in the day most bags were designed to stand-up.  Now, most bags are designed to be much more lightweight, and a lot of them now have shoulder straps (like a backpack) so they can easily be carried if you’re walking.

Stand-Up & Cart Golf Bags

Stand-up bags may not be as popular as they used to be, but they are much better.  No longer are stand-ups these big bulky bags like the pros use.  If you’re the type of golfer who knows you’ll never walk, you can skip the bags with the legs & straps, and go the more traditional route.

Stand Bags

Stand bags come with the legs that automatically hold the bag up and comfortable straps to make carrying the bag a breeze.  Some golf courses are actually quite hilly and more than a walk in the park, so if you’re the type of player that walks a lot you’ll want to invest in a quality bag.

These types of bags are made from just about every major golf manufacturer and come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and most importantly price ranges.  Be sure to look around to find the best deal.  Some will cost about the price of a round or two and others can come in at double and triple that.  You know how much you walk and play, so only you can determine what’s too expensive.  Just remember, you get what you pay for.

Golf Push Carts

If you walk a lot while playing AND you don’t want to carry your bag a push-cart may be what you need.  Push-carts typically come in two different styles; two-wheel and three-wheel.  Two-wheel push carts tend to be a little cheaper but there are some fairly priced three-wheel carts as well.

Some push-carts are now designed with built-in seats, so if you think you may need a quick rest, or you know it’s always slow where you typically play, that may be worth it.  Just remember (especially if you’re getting a push-cart as a gift) you will still need a bag.  A push-cart only holds and makes carrying the bag easier.

Golf Travel Bags

Travel bags are only needed for the well traveled golfer, but if you’re the type of golfer who doesn’t want to rent clubs while on vacation you’re going to need a travel bag.

Just a few notes on traveling with golf clubs.

  1. It can be expensive! Some airlines will charge like it’s an extra bag, and others will calculate it by size/weight which can make it outrageous.  Be sure to check with the airline you’re flying.
  2. There are quite a few companies that will ship golf clubs door to door to wherever you’re vacationing.  Call your airline and a shipping company and compare pricing.  Even if the shipping costs a few bucks more, it might be worth it.  No lugging clubs through a crowded airport and trying to shove them into a small trunk of a rental car.  Let the shipping company do the hard work (that’s just my 2 cents).

Anyway, much like golf bags, travel bags have a wide range of styles and prices.  The main differences are soft & hard cases.

Golf GPS & Rangefinders

Are you high-tech or low-tech? Either way you need a range finder or GPS.  The other day I was golfing and I hit my approach shot on a par 5 in the same spot I always hit it…short!  I don’t know why I hit it in the same spot every time, but I do.  It’s like there’s a magnet on the course.  Anyway, before I hit it, I decided to look at the GPS I just downloaded on my phone.  It said it was 52 yards to the center. I was shocked.  Like I said, I hit it in the same spot all the time and I always figured it was about 30 yards.

Well this time I gave my wedge a little more, knocked it a few feet past the hole and made my birdie putt.  Couldn’t believe it! This hole has been my nemesis all year.  I wish I would’ve looked sooner.  So that’s my case for always knowing the distance.  And don’t think if you’re struggling to break 100 it doesn’t matter. It matters for all skill levels.


Rangefinders are the original GPS and still used my millions of golfers today! They can be a little tricky to figure out at first, but if you want a nice and quick way to find out distances, without having to worry about draining batteries, wi-fi or eating up data, then a rangefinder is what you need.


If you’re more of a high tech golfer and you want something a little fancier than GPS is the way to go.  I went from a range finder to GPS on my phone via an app, so check out those options as well.  If you want to use the golf course as an excuse to stay away from your phone for a few hours than a handheld/cart mounted GPS is where it’s at!

GPS has also evolved over the last few years.  When they first came out they were almost the same things we’d use in our cars.  At least they looked the same.  In fact, Garmin makes some quality GPS rangefinders.

Golf GPS Watch

If you’re super hi-tech (ok that might be a little exaggeration) you can opt for wearable technology.  Yes, I’m talking about a golf GPS watch.  I don’t personally own one, but played the other day with a friend that does and it was super cool.  I was lugging my phone around, constantly taking it in and out of my pocket, which doesn’t sound too bad, but on a 100º day it wasn’t ideal.  All he had to do was look at his wrist.  If you’re the type of person that always wears a watch anyway, a golf GPA watch may be perfect!

Golf Apparel

Golf apparel may not seem like an accessory because we can’t golf in our birthday suits, but there are certain aspects of the wardrobe I consider accessories.

Golf Hats

I’m a hat snob on and off the course, so purchasing a new golf hat gives me immense joy! (I know, I need to find a life).  I’m a little peculiar when it comes to hats, but if the golfer in your life isn’t as crazy as me, they make a great gift because there’s a variety to choose from.

You can’t go wrong with the traditional baseball type hat.   Find your favorite brand, color, size, golf course, etc. and you’re on your way.

What I love about golf hats too, is the different types of hats for different seasons/weather.  You’ve got the newsboy type Kangol hats perfect for fall and even spring or summer depending on the material.  Then you’ve got what I call the Outback Hats which are a must have for those real hot summer days when you’re dying for some shade.  In my region they are a staple during the summer.  And another favorite for the hotter days when shade is needed is the bucket hat.

No matter what you choose a golf hat is a must have accessory.

Golf Belts

Something’s gotta hold your pants up, right? Why not look good while doing it; especially if you tuck your shirt in.  The best part about getting a stylish golf belt…they ‘re really affordable and you can wear them off the course as well.

Golf Shoes

I almost didn’t include golf shoes because you have to wear something on your feet, but I decided to include them because a lot of golfers still just wear sneakers.  We won’t dive into shoes too deep because we already have a great post on golf shoes, so just go check that out.

Shoe Bags

A shoe bag is most certainly a golf accessory and something that you don’t know you need until you have one.  I got one as a prize in a golf tourney so I started using one and I love it! I’ll always have one now!  Since I typically have to change my shoes in the parking lot it’s nice and easy to grab my shoe bag when I’m leaving the house frantically, instead of fumbling around with a set of clubs, loose shoes, and cup of coffee.  One less thing to worry about.

You can also upgrade to a trunk locker and it’s like having your very own locker at a country club.


We’ve already written a blog post that discussed sunglasses for golf so be sure to check out that post.

Golf Cigar Accessories

Let’s face it; golf and cigars go together like peanut butter & jelly jack & coke.  Like cigarettes and coffee, like gin & tonic, like a burger & fries, bacon & eggs, like…ok you get the point.

But since we’re golfers and we like to make everything a little bit easier there’s some real cool golf cigar accessories.  A must have for any cigar smoker is a clip.  No more laying your cigar down on the dirty ground.  Attach a clip to your cart and you’ve got a nice little fancy place to hold your cigar.

If you’re a fan of the movie Wedding Crashers, perhaps you need the Stage 5 Clinger.

Prefer to walk and use a push-cart?  They have cigar holders for that too.

But what if I’m on the green and my cart isn’t near by?  N0 worries, because they actually make cigar holders that stick in the ground.  Throw this bad boy into the ground, have it hold your cigar, and go drain that 20 foot putt.  Just looking at these cigar holders makes me wanna light one up and crush a long drive.  FYI, a lot of them also double as divot tools, so that’s a bonus.

Every decent cigar smoker also needs a humidor so stick with the golf theme and check out this awesome golf bag cigar humidor.

And lastly, what red blooded American golfer/cigar smoker would be caught dead without a quality cigar cutter and lighter.  The last you need is to be stranded on number 12 without a cutter and a light.

Talk about the ultimate Father’s Day Gift.

Range Accessories

Range accessories, what the heck is that?  Range accessories are exactly what they sound like….something you’ll use at the range, mostly likely for practice.   The only way to become a better golfer is to practice and play.   But when you practice you must practice deliberately and get feedback where you can.  Enter range accessories.


SelfieGolf is by far one of my favorite golf accessories of all time!   It debuted recently at the PGA show and it’s been gaining in popularity ever since.  The concept is so simple, yet so powerful.  It’s basically a clip that you can put on a alignment stick or even on the shaft of a club.  Then you just clip your phone in and hit record.  Now your practice session on the range is being recorded.  Instant feedback!

A few months ago I was really struggling with my swing. At the range I’d hit a few balls solid right down the middle, and others would look like I never hit a golf ball before. It was strange to say the least.  I’m so thankful I had my SelfieStick at the range because I recorded a few sessions and when I went home and watched it, it was so easy to see the difference between what I was doing on the good hits and the mishits.  I credit SelfieStick with getting my game back on track.

Alignment Sticks

Alignment sticks are another golf accessory that are so simple yet so useful.  It’s very easy to be set-up and thinking you’re aimed one way but for some reason the ball is off line.  Enter the alignment stick.  The first time I used one I was amazed how “off” I was.  Using an alignment stick at the range can mean the difference between missing greens and throwing darts.  They’re also really useful when you want to practice putting.

Shag Bag

A shag bag is also a must have for any serious golfer who puts in the time at the practice range.   It really annoys me when I pitch a bunch of balls in the practice area and then I have to go around and individually pick them up.  Some places have those PVC pipe things that put the balls into a pile for you, but nothing beats a quality shag bag.  Just walk around an pick up the balls automatically.  No more wasting time, and no more unnecessary back pain.

Golf Cart Accessories

Golf carts are just as much a part of the game as bags.  I admit it; I rarely ever walk. I also don’t own a golf cart but that doesn’t hold me back from having some awesome accessories I can easily take with me.

Golf Cart Heater

Heaters are one of my favorite golf cart accessories because I play year-round.  While it’s a mild winter where I live, there are some days when I wouldn’t mind warming up my hands between shots.  Enter the heater.  Simply insert a mini propane tank (not included) and you’re good to go.  Now your hands don’t have to be frozen solid for every shot.

Golf Cart Fan

It’s just as important to stay cool when you’re playing, isn’t it?  Although you can catch a nice breeze when you step on the gas, some days it’s just too damn hot!  A lot of fans are battery operated so just put some in, clip it to the cart and enjoy that ice cold breeze while you play.

Flag Pole & Flag

Ever look at the rangers cart and think, why does he get to have a flag?   Well, now he doesn’t have to be the only one.  Granted, you probably only want to install a golf cart flagpole on a cart you own, but hey, you never know.  Now when you’re cruising around the course everyone will know exactly who’s driving up!  Much like the other golf accessories flags come in all sorts of designs; everything from Murica to sports teams.

Cart Organizer

Let’s face it, if you’re going to have all these accessories then you’re going to need a place to keep them all.  Cups holders are oddly shaped and a lot of times they have holes in the bottom so they’re not good for much anyway.

Random Golf Accessories

Some of these accessories don’t fit into one specific category, but they’re too cool to pass up so we had to put them somewhere.

Golf Speakers

Golf speakers can be controversial sometimes because golf is a relatively quiet game.  But if you can use a golf speaker respectively then go for it!  They might even help your golf game.  I like them for those days when the play is real slow.  Instead of getting frustrated I can listen to some of my favorite music.  I also like them because they help take your mind off of things.  Instead of having a million swing thoughts running through your mind, you can just relax and hit the ball.

This Puma golf speaker is awesome!  It’s designed to clip to your bag, has multiple power sources, and much like other Puma golf gear it comes in a flashy color.

Golf Coolers

Now I’m sure we’ve all seen the signs that said “No Outside Coolers Allowed”.  I’m not telling you to break any rules, but if your course allows coolers there’s some awesome options for keeping your beverages cold.  There’s coolers made by some of golf’s top brands, and there’s an unbelievable compact cooler from Yeti.  This Yeti cooler is so damn nice I almost don’t want to use it.

Golf Organizer

Does your wife/husband yell at you to get your damn golf clubs out of the way?  If they do it’s time for a golf organizer.  Just set it up in your garage and you never have to worry about finding a spot for your clubs again.  It’s also got a ton of room for your accessories and shoes as well, so you won’t have to run around your house looking for your spikes worried you’ll be late for your tee time.

Practice Net

I personally like to practice in my yard using foam golf balls, but if I had the room I’d invest in a practice net.  There’s just no other feeling like hearing your club strike a ball, and you just don’t get that with foam balls.  If you’ve got the room and want the real thing a practice net is what you need.

Golf Fitness

I don’t want to dive into fitness too deep because there is so much to talk about and this post is already long.  But if you’re serious about improving your game you’ve got to improve your fitness.  This may come as a surprise to you, but some golfers aren’t in the best shape ( I know, shocking right?).

If you already do workout, but you’re looking for something with a golf specific routine you’re in luck.  There’s all sorts of fitness books and videos for golf.  Everything from weight training to yoga (which I’m a f an off).  Golf is all about flexibility so if you’ve never tried yoga before give it a shot.

Golf Gift Sets

Don’t know what sort of gift to get the golfer in your life?  A gift set is a good way to go.  Golfers can be particular about their clubs, balls and other equipment, but even the most picky golfer will put to use what comes in a good gift set.

Golf Accessories

Whether your a weekend hack, a scratch golfer, just looking to treat yourself, or need a gift for the golfer in your life, there are golf accessories for everyone.  They can range from a few dollars to a few hundred so there’s something for all budgets and skill levels.  What’s going to be your accessory of choice?


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