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6 Things That Are Overrated

We walk through life everyday accepting certain things for what they are.  Boring, bland, normal, fun.  We see these things in everyday life and we probably never even give them a second thought.  I’m not here to talk about these things.  I’m here to talk about the overrated things in life.

See, I decided to write this post because I’m sure you’re sick of it as well.  But because of peer pressure, fear of looking dumb, or not wanting to start a fight we’ve accepted these different “things”, but we have the power to take them back.  So next time you don’t feel up to conforming to societies ways, and you want to tell your wife/friend/brother, etc that a certain thing is overrated and you will no longer tolerate i, do it!t.  C’mon…Together we can end these falsehoods.

Things That Are Overrated


I’ve wanted to get this one off my chest for a while.  Seriously! I don’t understand  how U2 ever became famous, let alone managed to hang around for 20+ years.  They’re actually beyond the threshold of overrated, they’re just plain awful.  Whew, that feels good!

Bacon Cheeseburgers

I know I’m going to catch a lot of flack for this one, but you all know I’m right.  And listen, I love bacon & I love cheeseburgers, but there is no reason to combine the two.  It’s too much!! I’d rather leave some room for some grilled onions or a nice pimento cheese.  Hold the bacon please!

The NY Yankees

27 World Championships bro!  I know, I know, the Yankees have 27 World Series rings; I’m reminded of it every time I meet a Yankees fan (Yes I’m saying they can’t shut up about it.)  For the record I hate the Yankees so I’m sure some of this is guided by anger and the other part by jealousy, but let me make my case.

The first part of my argument can be used for a lot of teams that have been around forever.  (I’m looking at you, Lakers, Celtics, Steelers & Packers fans).  Wow, you’ve been around for 150 years.  I’d hope you have a lot of championships.  Longevity, that’s something to be proud, I guess. And the longevity argument is valid for several reasons.

1. Lack of Teams – In 1923 there were 16 teams in MLB.  That’s now double.  That makes it harder.

2.  Lack of playoffs – Back in the day there was no playoffs.  You won your division and went to the World Series.  Shit, now you have to win a wildcard and 2 rounds. It’s much harder.  Even in the 70’s there was barely any postseason.

Ok, so what about the later years?  Well I didn’t say there weren’t any legit championships, I just said they’re overrated.  But I can still make a case that their “dynasty” from 1996-2000 was complete bullshit.

From 96-2000 they received every bullshit call in their favor! Year after year, call after call, it all went their way. Phantom tags, fan interference, didn’t matter.  Yes Jeter was great, I get it. Please just be quiet now.

Oh yeah, the entire pitching staff was juiced up too.  Everybody talks about Bonds, McGwire & Sosa.  What about Pettitte and Clemens?  They were on the Yankees, so let’s just bury that under the rug.  And speaking of Roger Clemens, you can’t throw sharp broken bats at people and be allowed to stay in the game, but that’s right…they received every bullshit call.

Alright, I’m done with the Yankees. My blood pressure is high enough.

Traveling/Going Out

Listen, I love traveling but people look at you like you’ve got a 3rd eye if you want to stay home.  Traveling is expensive, time consuming, uncomfortable and quite often a pain in the ass.  Maybe I’m just showing my age on this one, but I’m over it.  I’ll be at home relaxing with a few beers.


Again, nothing against Chick-fil-A, it’s ok, I guess.  Every time I drive by one, whether it’s 10 am or 8 pm, there’s a drive-thru line so damn long it seeps out into the road and causes traffic.  Seriously!!! The chicken is not that good.  It’s not that bad either, but let’s face it….Chick-fil-A is just another crappy fast food restaurant.

Expensive Golf Balls

Since this is technically a golf blog I had to write something about golf.  Might as well go with the obvious.  No regular Joe (somebody who struggles to break 90 let along someone who can’t break 100) has no business spending $30-50 on a dozen golf balls.  If you’re struggling to break 100 it’s not the golf ball.  Save your money on the balls and go take a lesson.  If you’re a 10-15 handicap (or a scratch looking to get rid of the last few strokes) you can justify getting into the more expensive balls, but the rest of us will do just fine with discount golf balls.



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