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4 Ways to Score Discount Golf Balls

Tired of paying full price for golf balls?  Do you hit so many balls in the water & woods that paying as much $50 dozen is killing you?  Heck, some people don’t even want to spend $20 or even $10 a dozen.  Don’t worry, you can get discount golf balls just about anywhere.

If you’re the type of golfer who doesn’t really care what kind of ball they it, or if you’re just tired of spending so much money on balls, don’t’ worry! There are some ways you can save some money.

Discount Golf Balls

Used Golf Balls

One of the best ways to get discount golf balls is to buy them used.  Sure, they may have been sitting at the bottom of a lake for a few months, but who cares.  If you don’t care about where they’re coming from, or that they were hit a few ties then you can score discount golf balls easily online.  Shoot, you can even find used balls in big box stores.

Cheap Golf Balls

If you don’t want to go the used route, but you still don’t want to pay a ton of money you can always just buy cheap.  One of the cheapest brands of new balls is Wilson.  They’ve been around for a long time and certainly have some name recognition, so it’s not like your buying ACME brand.

Another brand that makes cheap new balls is Nitro.  I’d be lying if I said I haven’t ran into the store on the way to the course and dropped $8 on a dozen.  That’s hard to beat.

Some other great brands for golf balls on the cheaper side are Callaway WarBirds and Noodle.  They’ll cost you more than Nitro or Wilson but they’re a step up and still relatively cheap.

Buy Golf Balls in Bulk

The more you buy, the more you save.  C’mon, this has been a marketing/sales practice for as long as there have been salesman.  A lot of golf websites offer big discounts for the more you buy. Places like Dick’s almost always have a sale going on where you get 3 for the price of 2, or buy 3 get 2 free or something like that.  Pop into your local golf store and you’ll be sure to get a deal on golf balls.

DTC Golf Balls

This is by far my favorite way to score discount golf balls.  Direct-To-Consumer (DTC).  Not only are the prices great, but you’re getting some seriously good balls.

MyGolfSpy did an in-depth head to head comparison and the the results are staggering. A DTC company called Vice, holds up to Titleist, which means they pretty much hold up to everyone else as well.  Oh yeah, they’re also a fraction of the price and have the coolest name I’ve heard for a golf ball company.  Seriously, check these guys out because they aren’t going anywhere.

There’s other direct-to-consumer golf ball companies really shaking up the market as well.  Other DTC golf ball companies like  Cut Golf & Snell are starting to make some waves as well.

Discount Golf Balls

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get discount golf balls.  In fact you can spend less money and still get tour quality golf balls.

Now you can shank balls into the woods and drop them in the drink with confidence.  They may not make you a better golfer, but at least they didn’t leave you broke.

Golf Balls

Best Selling Golf Balls
Golf BallPrice  
Titleist Pro V1$$$$See Price
Callaway Supersoft$$See Price
Callaway Chrome Soft$$$See Price
Bridgestone e6$$See Price
TaylorMade Project A$$See Price

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